At large: free; uncaptured; unconfined.

The thieves are still at large. 


At large: not representing a particular country or specialty.

He is the paper's editor at large.


At large: in general; a general sample; most of.

The public at large doesn't care.

This venture got its name mostly because of the first definition – and the appeal of being able to figuratively go wherever we’re needed. After many years in ad agencies (maybe too many) we’ve seen how the open-mindedness of a brand team’s members diminishes over time, leading to clients getting what they think they want, instead of what they really need. We wanted to operate in an environment that maximizes independence of thinking, so clients get advice and ideas that are “unconfined.”

The second definition appeals because in an age of over-specialization, we’re proud to be generalists. Rather than focusing on narrow slices of a brand’s actions, we see (and help our clients understand) the broader context. So, together, we can address the broad spectrum of issues that brand owners and stakeholders face, always with a view to what will help the brand grow.

As for the third definition: we certainly don’t claim to represent the way all planners think – experience shows there is no “one way” anyhow – but we do think planners at large define their job in more or less the same three ways. First, chop through the complexity that’s hiding the real problem. Then, help make the idea that can solve it bigger. Finally, learn whether the idea works as intended. Hence, our mantra: simplify, amplify, verify.